Footprints Of The Forest/ Claim The Space

– Exploring the indoor space as an artistic quality in herding call.

This project is based on questions about the significance of the acoustic space for kulning (herding call). Can I perform kulning without a forest? How can I  explore the creative potentials of kulning in different acoustical rooms? Is it possible to create a Virtual Forest indoor where my voice can subside and echo the same way as outdoors? I explore these questions by improvisation and composition by kulning in a number of real and virtual spaces.


The Dome  – Spatial herding call composition for different acoustic indoor spaces.

•Part I – Composition for mixed choir in the dome of Floda kyrka, an 11th century church in Katrineholm. Performed by Katrineholms kammarkör the 31th of May, 2017. Supervisor: Karin Rehnqvist

•Part II – Composition for three female voices and recordings in the electro-acoustic 29 speaker dome at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Performed by Irmelin the13th of October 2017. Supervisor: Henrik Frisk

•Part III – Inside Out, solo performance in the electro-acoustic dome at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. Performed by Maria Misgeld, the 9th of February 2018. Supervisors: Henrik Frisk and Susanne Rosenberg.

Maria Misgeld – Master program, Folk Singing at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm

Artistic supervisor Susanne Rosenberg

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